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Easymove is just one of the ways Roxford Homes can support you in your journey to buying a new Roxford home. Once you’ve decided you would like to purchase one of our homes, we can help to arrange to sell your existing property.

If you’re keen to move to a new Roxford home but struggling to sell your current property, our Easymove scheme is designed to speed up the sale and remove all the hassle as well as the cost. Here’s how it works:

House Viewing


Choose your new Roxford Home

Business representative


Complete the Property Perspective Application form with our Sales Executive for valuations on your home

Viewing a Home


If you are happy with the marketing plan we will work with Property Perspective to achieve a quick sale & contribute towards your estate agent fees when sold

New Home


Move in to your new Roxford Home

Everything you need to know about our Easymove scheme

  • Who will complete my property valuation?
    We have a number of specialist estate agents with many years of experience working in the local area. They have an in depth understanding of the market and its customers.
  • What happens during a valuation visit?
    During a valuation visit, the estate agent will visit your property to assess its value. This visit typically lasts approximately 30 minutes to an hour. They will take note of the condition of your property, the size of the property, and any other relevant details that may affect its value. They will also take photographs which will be used to market the property.
  • Is the Easymove scheme available on all property types?
    Yes. We don’t have any restrictions on the type of property you wish to sell other than it is residential.
  • What happens if I sell my home using the Easymove scheme but then decide not to proceed with a Roxford Home?
    If you sell your home and then change your mind about buying a Roxford home, you will become responsible in full for the estate agent’s fees and costs as set out in their terms
  • My property is already on the market, can I still use the Easymove scheme?
    Yes, you can still complete an Easymove application.

Find your dream Roxford home with Easymove

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