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Are you keen to move but frustrated by a chain or a lack of buyer for your current home?


If so, Roxford Homes’ popular part exchange scheme could be the perfect choice. If you are eligible, Roxford Homes could purchase your property for up to 100% of its market value, effectively acting as an immediate cash buyer and enabling you to buy one of ours.

Selling your home on the open market often involves all kinds of quibbles and negotiations, but there are no such delays with our part exchange scheme – you can move as soon as your new Roxford home is ready. A house buying chain is also a common delay, but part exchange is chain-free and you can set a moving date with confidence – everything is within your control with no risk of a last-minute hitch. Part exchange also takes estate agents’ fees and advertising costs out of the equation – freeing up more of your budget to spend how you wish.

Roxford Homes’ Part Exchange scheme comes with the support of our characteristically thorough and attentive customer service – we will manage the whole process promptly and efficiently to save you time, money and stress.

your home
with our
Part Exchange scheme

A guide to our Part Exchange scheme

1. Choose a Roxford Homes property which is being offered with part exchange.

2. Provide us with the location and approximate value of your current home. Based in this information we can calculate whether your property qualifies for Part Exchange – there needs to be a differential of no more than 30% between the value of your current property and the property you wish to purchase, and we only consider part exchange properties in the regions that we are building.

3. If your property meets the above qualifications, we will then consider whether it meets the full criteria for our Part Exchange Scheme and instruct an independent valuation.

4. Based on the valuer’s advice for securing a realistic sale within a six-week period, we will make you an offer (subject to a homebuyer’s survey and acceptable searches).

5. If you are happy with our offer, you can reserve your new Roxford home with the assurance that your sale and purchase are secure. You can stay at your current home while you wait for your Roxford home to be ready.

6. Roxford Homes will guide you through the buying process and we will handle all the marketing for your property (all we request is that you allow us to arrange viewings at times convenient to you).

7. Relax and get ready to make your dream move to a Roxford home!

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